Orphanage and Foster Care Support

Living Stone Outreach continues to offer regular support for orphanage and foster care ministries, and regular preventative health and wellness. The need is great and far reaching, but even the smallest donations make a big difference in the lives of many children. Again, there are Liberian citizens who have the burden and vision to provide leadership, but lack the means. Your dollars at work change lives. Please help us help them.

Additional services that were arranged for the Women and Children Rehabilitation and Resource Center Include:

  • Weekly medical visits by a licensed qualified Liberian pediatrics nurse
  • Purchased and delivered necessary medications and basic medical supplies to the facility
  • Donated sixty-five new mattresses for all the current resident children
    (There were no mattresses prior to this gift- children slept on the floor/ground)
  • Provided needed food supplies
  • Procured a ceramic water filter for the center
  • Provided two needed "coal pots" for cooking, which enabled care providers to move cooking and food preparation indoors and discontinue cooking outside on sheet metal (from our kitchen construction) at ground level.
  • Provided a diesel generator and lighting for the facility, which has had no other source of electricity of any kind.
  • Continuing Education:

    A Successful Year Comes To An End As A New School

    Currently there are sixty-seven K-12th grade students who are receiving educational sponsorships through Living Stone Outreach. This school year ended with eight high school graduates, which represents a life changing event for each of them and their families.

    Students are selected based on the most serious financial need, their desire and potential for success. Several of our K-12 students are young adults who wish to prepare for occupations in their community, and it requires them to begin where they left off during the war years, be it forth or sixth grade. They are motivated and determined. The seven college students are making great progress, as well.

    Most of the children afforded educational help are from families whose parents want to provide for their children, but just don’t have the means. At a continued 85% unemployment rate nationally, progress has been slow but steady. Not wanting a hand out, but a helping hand to success, your contributions and sponsorships continue to be the life line for many, and are sincerely appreciated.

    LSO has determined that with a growing list of children ready and in need, providing for education will be our primary objective. As the beginning of this school year approaches, your help is urgently needed.

    Sponsored College Students Are Making A Difference

    In addition to K-12 education, there are currently seven sponsored college students. Pictured are Feta and Sonnie , who are preparing to be registered nurses. When they graduate in Spring of 2014, they will be guaranteed employment at a local hospital. The other LSO sponsored college students are also progressing successfully, and are planning for graduation in the next couple of years as well, in such fields as business administration, engineering and law enforcement. Their church pastor says that he appreciates the added community support these students are able to provide because of your help.

    There are several additional LSO high school graduates that seek sponsorship for university and trade school education, at a cost of approximately $1200 a year, or $100 a month. If you are willing to help a student achieve their dream of a better future for their family and nation, please consider pledging a personal support for a particular student, whom Living Stone Outreach will arrange. With 85% unemployment in Liberia, our help is critical for their better future.

    Food Distribution:

    The distribution of food to poor families continues to be a top priority. Over 300 families have received rice and chicken for the celebration of Liberian Independence Day.

    Ministry Expanding After Visit to Liberia

    2008-2009 school year saw fifty one students supported in Kindergarten through 12th grade, eight of whom earned their high school diplomas. For the 2009-2010 school year, we are supporting 72 students, eight toward their first year of college.

    We are expanding our outreach to two local orphanages which have many needs. Living Stone is currently raising funds for mattresses and new kitchen facilities. Please see the video link on the home page for details.

    Mike and the high school graduates who greeted him while in Paynesville, Liberia. The thanksgiving and love shown towards the Living Stone supporters was overwhelming.

    Mike with many of the scholorship recipeants

    Pastor Daniel Johnson, Living Stone Outreach Director in country, preparing for rice distribution to families in need.

    One of the many families who received rice provisions.

    Downtown Monrovia, nearly 85% unemployment.